Military Marvels at Air Force Academy | Journey

Archana Pande army chief wife


It all started at 12:30 AM midnight when the Team Military Marvels headed towards Hyderabad from Bangalore.

Turning on the country road playlist we drove for 9 hours straight, of course taking couple of tea breaks in between after every 100 Kms

Team finally took a long halt of 30 min somewhere in remote area under the beautiful dawn at around 5:30 AM. If you are frowning let me tell you that the tea breaks were barely of 5 min and hence 30 min was surely a long halt.

At around 7:30 AM passing numerous tolls we finally reached close to Hyderabad. View was serene and drive was worth remembering

We finally reached Airforce Academy in a total 10 Hours sweet drive. Rushed straight to officers mess, got ourselves freshen up and went straight to setting up the stall that hundreds of cadets had been waiting for.

Military Marvels a homegrown brand provides authentic quality merchandise to armed forces, academies, Kargil war memorial, national war memorial, Select defence campuses and more.

While cadets had waited for coolest aviation merchandise, Military Marvels team was eagerly waiting for Passing Out Parade at Airforce Academy. Team rushed to Sekhon parade grounds with our passes

airforce academy invitation passes
Airforce academy CGP passing out parade invitation passes
airforce academy Sekhon parade ground
para sf commando tab
para special forces commando deployed for Indian army chief security at AFA
Archana Pande army chief wife

And so the CGP 2022 summer term was concluded with cadets earning their prestigious wings.

Team was on their way back to Bangalore the same day with great memories. We were also coming back with something dear to us. It was cadets feedback! Feedback on additional range of merchandise and accessories that they wanted us to introduce.

We are back in Bangalore and the team is constantly working on the feedback to introduce the new range that’ll intrigue them on our next visit! Till then we work on our “Tribute to Passion”

airforce academy Hyderabad parade photos